Ongoing projects

  • Characterization of Treponema invasion mechanisms impairing animal production (Formas) 

  • Elimination of enteric pathogens in a high-health herd (SLU) 

  • Infectious diseases (including Leptospira infections) in farm animals and influence from farming practises, climate and wildlife. (Formas) 

  • The local immune response in the intestine in experimental infections in pigs (Formas)  

Finished projects 

  • Rodents and wild birds as vectors for pathogenic bacteria to domestic animals and humans (Formas, SLF, Ivar och Elsa Sandbergs stipendiefond)   

  • The importance of biodiversity within the genus Brachyspira for pathogenicity and epidemiology in different hosts (Formas)

  • Proliferative hemorrhagic enteritis in pigs- an overreaction of the immune system? (Hjärrefonden)  

  • Identification of virulence factors in Treponema spp. isolated from digital dermatitis lesions in cattle (Formas) 

  • Digital dermatits in cattle - identification and characterization of Treponema spp. (SLF) 

  • Description of new Brachyspira spp. (SVAs vaccinfond) 

  • Brachyspira intermedia - genomic insights (SVAs vaccinfond)


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